Juri Bryan VFX/FX TD

Here is my VFX/FX TD reel from 2013.
Most of the work was created as R&D during my time at Sub:Zero Design in Vietnam.
Sadly there is not a lot of new work shown, since the projects I have been working on for the last 6 months are yet to be released.
Hope you enjoy it.

Shot List:

shot01: models


shot02: matte painting by: Andrée Wallin: http://andreewallin.com

bird model: Sintel Blender nation
water simulation, bird flock: Juri Bryan
shot03: all elements by: Juri Bryan

shot04: all elements by: Juri Bryan

shot05: all elements by: Juri Bryan

shot06: character model: Sintel Blender nation

environment: Sintel Blender nation

motion Capture: Juri Bryan

shot07: bottle graphics: Juri Bryan

projection graphics: http://www.beeple-crap.com

projection mapping: Juri Bryan

shot08: actor: Raphael Legros

all elements: Juri Bryan

shot09: all elements: Juri Bryan

shot010: all elements: Juri Bryan

shot11: all elements: Juri Bryan

shot12: fish model: http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/KINGASDESIGN

shading: Zack Dembinski: http://www.zackdembinski.com

fish animation: Cian Nolan: http://ciannolan.com

water simulation: Juri Bryan

shot13: all elements: Juri Bryan

shot14: all elements: Juri Bryan

houdini tools: Juri Bryan

music: Ender’s Game Soundtrack


Here is my FX demo reel from 2012
I hope you like it.

Shot List:

Shot 1:
Airplane model by Eric Levi
Using a RBD simulation that gets triggered using glue points is used to isolate debri and dust emission and to trigger further simulations

Shot 2:
All elements by Juri Bryan

Shot 3:
the actor is Raphael Legros all other elements by Juri Bryan

Music: Paul Kalkbrenner



 Demo Reel 2013